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Londonderry Basketball Club
Officials & Referees

The Londonderry Basketball Club (LBC) employs local residents and sometimes former residents as basketball referees, scoreboard operators, and crew chiefs.  Together they are known as basketball officials.  

LBC Officials keep the scoreboard & book, referee games, and train & assist other officials for the LBC Recreation (Rec) League.

All LBC officials are under the direction of the Vice President of Officials, an LBC Board member. Contact them at 

Becoming an LBC Official (Rec League)

LBC is always looking for individuals - 7th grade and higher - who have a love for basketball, have the confidence to make calls in games, and are willing to help teach younger kids the rules of basketball.  

Register for one or all of the open positions for our Basketball “Rec” League

  • Scoreboard Operator ($10/game)
  • Game Referee  ($15/game)
  • Crew Chief  ($20/game)

Basketball Official’s can expect to work on Saturday’s at local Londonderry schools.  The LBC Rec basketball season typically runs from early December until mid March.

Please fill out the form below for the Applicant and their Parent.

All LBC Basketball officials will receive a free Referee Shirt once trained.


Contact the Vice President of Officials by email with any questions at

Expectations for LBC Officials

Game Assignments

Game assignments are set on the LBC website calendar.  Once set the website will send emails to Assigned Officials asking for them to Accept or Decline the assignment.  

IMPORTANT: LBC officials must Accept or Decline assignments within 24 hours. The quick response is needed to ensure adequate coverage for all games.

We strive to schedule at least two games per official, per week.  Although we work to avoid scheduling someone for just one game, when someone declines a single game we may assign you to cover that one game. 

Getting Extra Assignments

Here’s how to get more Assignments:

  1. Be available
  2. Be an “Excellent Official” (see below)
  3. Be responsive to emails

Declining an Assignment

If you need to decline an assigned game, that assignment will be rescheduled as soon as possible.

You must decline within 24 hours of receiving an Assignment email.  Further delay could cause a game to not have enough officials.  This may also result in fewer game assignments.

Game Process: Referees & Scorekeepers

For every assigned game Referees & Scorekeepers are expected to

  • Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the assigned game start time
    • Arrive 10 minutes early if the first game on Saturday (typically 8am) 
  • Check in with the Crew Chief upon arrival at the game site
  • Arrive wearing their referee shirt, whistle, and sneakers
  • Expect feedback from Crew Chiefs

New officials will be shadowed for at least two games.  Crew Chiefs will evaluate new officials for game readiness.  Once the new official is ready, they will be scheduled games..

New Referees & Scorekeepers should receive Referee shirts at or prior to their first assigned game.

When the Going Gets Rough

In the event a parent/coach is upset about a call, be polite/confident/stand behind your call. You can speak with the crew chief or call me after the game to talk about it and we can help 

Game Process: Crew Chiefs 

Crew Chiefs should arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the assigned game start time.

Crew Chiefs should keep a lookout for other officials who are coming in for their assignments - introduce yourself and guide them as needed. 

Before, during and after games the Crew Chief is expected to give positive and constructive feedback to their assigned officials.  

Crew Chiefs should be as helpful as possible to their Officials - but typically should not do the expected work of Referees or Scorekeepers.

Game Process: LBC Rules

All LBC Officials are asked to be familiar with the rules and regulations for each division prior to your scheduled assignments.  These can be found on www.lbchoops.org under documents.

Crew Chief’s watch the flow of the game and give feedback.  For the first few weeks, the crew chief will be on the side to be there to help coach/train new referees and scorekeepers to ensure proper training.  We ask and encourage Crew Chiefs to help build the skills and confidence of all Referees & Scorekeepers.

Crew Chief’s should give positive and constructive feedback but minimize interruptions during games.  Feedback is best given during timeouts, at half time or before & after the games.  

Pay Process

After working scheduled assignments, paycheck’s should go out by Monday/Tuesday the following week. 

Paychecks will be mailed to the address on the application.

How to be an Excellent Official

We want LBC Officials to build relationships with the kids. Smile and say hi to them, shoot around with them before the game, give them high fives when they make good plays, be positive to help build their confidence!

Be the referee you want for your own games.  Think about the things you wish a referee would do during your games and be that person for these children. 

Excellent LBC Basketball Officials 

  • Arrive early for assigned games
  • Know the rules of Basketball - and be willing to learn 
  • Are friendly and interact with the children frequently
  • Are calm and clear when explaining fouls or violations
  • Spend almost zero time on on their phones while at the game site
  • Will make the necessary calls during games
  • Accept feedback from the crew chief
  • Never miss game assignments
  • Respond promptly to Assignment emails

IMPORTANT: use of cell phones at halftime is not permitted.